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HyperLens is a powerful screen magnifier and display enhancer which enables you to freely Zoom, Rotate, Highlight
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4 June 2010

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Since the dawn of the computer technology, these wondrous machines have dominated the work culture across the globe with their humongous assistive scope and utility value. Computer aided presentation programs are greatly useful in launching new projects and processes and also to create a group training module effectively. Usually depicted in the form of a slideshow, it typically includes inserted text and vibrant graphics along with a sideshow system to display the content. Various presentation tools like Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe are utilized to create vibrant and intuitive presentation modules with differing features and usage scope; however HyperLens is one application which makes such presentations more vivid and lively with its special tools and enhances their overall appearance.

HyperLens 6.0 opens with a systematically organized interface with the chief options placed at the top panel. The powerful working of this software enables the user to magnify, rotate, highlight, sharpen and adjust and filter the computer display and presentation. The advanced feature generates a sharp display of effects to suit the visual requirements in diverse situations and reduces flare as well. The color adjustment facility of the program enhances the visibility and clarity of the video and this helps the user to sharpen the content for better viewing. Furthermore, the software enables the user to impressively visualize and improvise every detail of the presentation with the help of mouse roll and highlight any part of the presentation like program, web pages and animation graphics. The screen magnifier utility enables the visually impaired audience to clearly view the screen and can also aid in highlighting a particular area of the screen.

To sum up, HyperLens certainly comes across as a specialized application that facilitates making effectual presentations and improvises their scope and value and hence gets a rating score of four and half points for its impressive performance.

Publisher's description

HyperLens - Ultimate Screen Magnifier and Display Enhancer!
HyperLens is a powerful screen magnifier and display enhancer which enables you to freely Zoom, Rotate, Highlight, Sharpen, Enhance, Adjust, Filter and Capture your computer screen display and presentation! You can easily zoom the highly detailed presentations, even with Arbitrary Rotation to effectively present every detail from any angle! It is an advanced yet easy-to-use screen magnification program and also an effective presentation tool!
HyperLens is specially designed to suit your visual needs much better, with a variety of unique features, such as zooming with arbitrary rotation to view from any angle, full color level adjustments to expose hidden graphic details, sharpening filters to clarify blurred view, anti-glare texture filters to reduce screen glare, full mouse cursor enhancements and realistic click highlighting effects, etc.
As a versatile display enhancer, HyperLens will suit your visual needs in various situations. It is an effective presentation tool for professional presenters, a powerful screen magnifier for visually impaired people, an assistant tool for graphic designers, even a display filter to improve visual comfort!
Version 6.0.1
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